In love with Greece since 1996

We made it to lovely Crete more or less by pure chance. Our destination was the city of Rethymnon. Already on the first day we went out to rent a scooter and went on to explore the island - quite a big island to discover on a 50cc scooter. The island stroke us as a pure beauty and the friendliness of its inhabitants was exceptional. Whereever we went, people welcomed us and made every effort to make us - the guests - have a great time. Exceptional greek hospitiality. We fell in love with Greece immediately.

Since we wanted to share our love for Greece with other travellers, we decided to finally launch this site (now in english!) after quite a few holidays on the different islands. We would like to help you to have just as great of a holiday we had when we first came to Greece. We travel Greece for almost 20 years now, at least once a year.

Are you a Greece Insider?

Are you a true Greece fan? Do you dream of going back to Greece already in December?

We are always looking for true Greece lovers to exchange the latest tips and hints with, maybe you would like to contribute to the site? Drop us an email, we are happy to hear from you.