Place of pilgrimage for many Christians but also very popular with young people

Useful hints and travel information for a Patmos holiday

Patmos is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese archipelago. Due to its hilly nature, Patmos offers some fantastic viewpoints. Despite its relatively small size, the island of Patmos is one of the most significant island in the Aegean, as it is home to one of the most important monasteries of the Greek Orthodox Church. Patmos is renowned as the place where the Apocalypse of St John was created. For that reason, numerous daytrips and pilgrimages are available. A holiday on Patmos offers variety and contrasts, as well as entertainment, e.g. at the port at Skala and the capital of Patmos that attract mainly trendy young people, although there is no comparison to Mykonos or Ios. A lot of good places to stay are scattered around the port, for evening entertainment you have to head up the mountain.

Luckily the Dodecanese island of Patmos has not been spoilt by mass tourism as yet, and as a consequence, you can still find wonderfully quiet places. For those who like low-key evening entertainment, there is a very attractive choice of taverns and bars, all with reasonable prices in line with the rest of the Greek islands. Patmos also has some truly beautiful beaches and is very easy to get to on account of its religious significance.

Due to its rugged coastline, Patmos has many lovely little bays where you can anchor your rented boat quite safely as virtually the whole of the Eastern coast acts as one large protective bay. In Greece you don’t need a licence to rent a motor boat up to 30 PS to explore the coast on your own.

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Villages of Patmos


The main town of the Greek island of Patmos is defined by the mighty Saint John’s Monastery. As the monastery was built as a fortress, it gives a very special atmosphere to the little town with its narrow lanes and numerous souvenir shops, taverns and bars. The view of Skala, the harbour of Patmos, is wonderful, especially in the evening. As walking up to Chora is extremely strenuous, those looking for accommodation are better off in Skala.


Grikos is a charming little fishing village in the south of the Greek island of Patmos. Everything is there – accommodation, taverns, a beach etc. – just a bit smaller than anywhere else. From the beach there is a stunning view of a Greek island, the uninhabited island of Traonisi. Grikos is the perfect place for a relaxing Greek holiday.


Skala is the capital and the port of the small Greek island of Patmos. The majority of hotels, appartments and guesthouses of Patmos are to be found here. Skala bridges the narrowest part of the island, so it is possible to walk from one side of the island to the other through the town centre. The municipal beach is beautiful, it is situated between the ferry port and the yacht marina. Patmos is very popular with yachtsmen, and Skala has all the facilities to keep holiday-makers happy.

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