Eastern Aegean

Lush green islands just off the Turkish coast
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Holiday in the Eastern Aegean region

The Eastern Aegean Islands archipelago consists of the three large Greek islands of Lesbos (Mytilini), Chios and Samos. There are a few minor islands as well that are more difficult to get to and consequently a lot quieter. Mainly Ikaria and Fourni are ideal destinations for individual holidays in Greece. Due to their location close to the Turkish mainland, the weather turns warm and sunny much sooner than it does in the Northern Greek islands. The tourist season in the Eastern Aegean Islands starts at the beginning of May and runs on until the end of October, which means that prices during the months before and after the peak season are much more affordable than anywhere else.

Both Lesbos and Samos have international airports and offer regular ferry connections to other Eastern Aegean islands. Chios is home to many Greek ship-owning families and therefore reflects a certain wealth in the way the houses are built. The production of mastic is outstanding and rivalled by no other region and the versatile mastic products are to be found all over the Eastern Aegean islands.

The Greek island of Lesbos is an island full of contrasts, bare and forbidding in the west and green and undulating in the east. There are some very attractive towns/villages on Lesbos, first and foremost Molyvos with its citadel perched high above the town. Samos, on the other hand, boasts a spectacular combination of mountainous landscape, beautiful towns/villages and fantastic beaches – what else could you wish for when choosing a Greek holiday in the Eastern Aegean? The neighbouring islands of Ikaria and Fourni are rather low-key in comparison and attract mainly holiday makers in search of unspoilt nature. Ikaria’s steep gorges are a very impressive sight indeed.

Islands for a Eastern Aegean holiday

Chios holiday

Super mansions and mastic

Lesbos holiday

Famous for ouzo and full of variety

Samos holiday

Great scenery, excellent wine and beautiful resorts