An incredible number of small bays and a charming capital

Useful hints and travel information for a Meganisi holiday

Meganisi is a small island and part of the Ionian Archipelago. It is situated between the Greek mainland and the island of Lefkada (Lefkas). Meganisi’s coastline is rugged and offers virtually countless small bays and beaches. For that reason the small Greek island is mainly popular with yachtsmen and day trippers arriving on Meganisi by motor boat. Most of them use their own private boats instead of travelling by ferry that runs hourly between Vathy on Meganisi and Nidri on Lefkada (Lefkas). 

The small Ionian island has essentially only two towns: Vathy – the small capital of Meganisi, and, a little further up the hill, Spartochori. Accommodation can be found everywhere on the Greek island, though, and holiday makers who like a nice place away from it all, are bound to find what they are looking for. 

Meganisi’s capital Vathy has the most attractive harbour on the entire Ionian island and the most entertainment facilities as well. The harbour basin is lined with numerous excellent taverns and bars that are frequented by yachtsmen who anchor their sailing boats at the port. The lower part of Spartochori is much less busy and its harbour is quiet and secluded. 

A daytrip to the small Ionian island is highly recommended; for a longer stay, however, only Vathy offers sufficient entertainment.

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Villages of Meganisi


The second main resort of the Ionian Island of Meganisi is situated on a cliff. The ferry lands in the natural harbour of Porto Spilia and passengers have to walk up the stone steps to the village. Apart from its pretty lanes and beautifully decorated houses, Spartochori has very little to offer. For a longer stay, accommodation in the vicinity of Vathi might be preferable.


Vathi, the small capital of the Ionian Island of Meganisi, is a romantic little harbour town with just a handful of taverns and bars. The harbour of Vathi offers mooring space for sailing boats and is very busy during the summer months. 
The taverns around the harbour offer enough variety even for a longer holiday on Meganisi, the menus range from fresh fish to Italian pasta. Apart from the restaurants there are supermarkets and some very nice bars to round off the day. Vathi has less choice as far as accommodation is concerned, but evening entertainment is better than in other resorts.

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