Visit the Greek island of Hydra – for a car-free holiday
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Useful hints and travel information for a Hydra holiday

The car-free Greek island of Hydra is part of the Saronic Islands, only about 45 miles from the Greek capital of Athens. The islanders live mainly on fishing and agriculture, but tourism is a valuable source of income too. Its picturesque beauty makes Hydra a magnet for artists who fall under the spell of this Greek island and make it their home. Due to its relative proximity to Athens, many islanders go to work on the Greek mainland during the winter months when the tourist season is over.

With no road system and no cars, it is hardly surprising that Hydra has become a popular holiday resort for those who seek peace and relaxation away from it all. Here holiday-makers can simply chill and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, laze on the beach or pursue a variety of water sports – snorkelling is a big favourite with most tourists. Hydra’s beaches tend to be stony, but there are a number of sandy beaches too, the most popular ones being in Kaminia, Molos and Palamidas. Recommended day-trips from Hydra go to the nearby islands and to the Greek capital of Athens. For those interested in ancient history and Greek mythology, the ancient towns of Delphi, Epidaurus and Mycenae are right there, complete with oracle, huge arena and the famous city gate with headless lions watching over the ruins of Agamemnon’s town. For lovers of good food there is a variety of restaurants on Hydra, with menus including a wide range of Greek traditional foods as well as international choices.

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