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Useful hints and travel information for a Spetses holiday

The island of Spetses is one of the smallest Saronic Islands. Here holiday-makers can rest and relax, explore interesting places or enjoy the local nightlife. The Greek island is so small that you can cycle from one end to the other within four or five hours. As there are very few cars, nothing gets in the way of a relaxing holiday on the island of Spetses.

The capital of Spetses that shares its name with the island, has many old buildings, all of which are connected with seafaring tradition. Nowadays the municipal museum is located in the house of ‘Bouboulina’. Laskarina Bouboulina is the local heroine in Spetses and a Greek national heroine too, because of the part she played in securing victory for the Greeks in their War of Independence against the Turks in the 19th century.

Just on the outskirts of Spetses Town, holiday-makers can visit the monastery of Agios Nikolaos. The dress code is very important and has to be observed by all visitors. Women are expected to wear long skirts and cover their shoulders, men must wear long trousers. The patron saint of this monastery is also the patron saint of sailors. 

A large variety of water sports is available on the beaches, and snorkelling is particularly popular with holiday-makers on Spetses. Most beaches on the Saronic Island are sandy, the best-known ones are in Agia Anargyri and in Agia Paraskevi.

Due to the close proximity to the mainland, there are many opportunities for daily excursions to Athens or the famous sights of Epidauros and Mycenae that holiday-makers can take advantage of. Frequent ferry-crossings to and fro make sure that there is a regular transfer between the mainland and Spetses, and that the neighbouring Saronic Islands are easily accessible too.

Spetses Town is the centre for tourism, with the harbour in the middle, lined with a multitude of bistros, cafes and restaurants serving mainly Greek specialties. For those who want to party all night, the bars and clubs in the harbour region offer an active night-life.

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