Beautiful scenery and a true variety of islands

Holiday in the Sporades region

The Sporades are one of the most beautiful Greek archipelagos. All of the islands are green and fertile and rampant building development has never been allowed. On the Sporades Island of Skopelos 4000qm of land have to be planned for 200qm of living space. The appearance of the region definitely benefitted from that regulation, and the Greek island of Skopelos is a lovely sight especially when approaching it by boat. All of the Sporades Islands have a number of nice beaches and deserted bays that holiday makers can explore by boat.

The further away the islands within the Sporades are from the Greek mainland, the quieter they are. Alonnisos is the perfect holiday resort to relax. The atmosphere is totally chilled and you can simply lose track of time. Apart from fantastic beaches the old town of Chora is a real experience. High above the sea level you can see both sides of the coast of this beautiful Greek Sporades Island and holiday makers can lodge in one of the elaborately renovated houses there. The narrow, winding streets of the little town are planted with beautiful flowers.

Skiathos owes its global fame mainly to the ABBA film “Mamma Mia”. During the peak season, this claim to fame causes the small Greek town to virtually burst at the seams, and it is definitely much busier than the other Sporades Islands. You can party all night in Skiathos Town, or simply unwind in the beautiful and romantic little lanes.

Islands for a Sporades holiday

Alonnisos holiday

Serene and beautiful, A real insiders’ tip amongst the Sporadic Islands

Skiathos holiday

A lively island with super beaches

Skopelos holiday

One of the most fertile Greek islands and the setting for ‘Mamma Mia’