Weather in Mykonos in May: What You Need to Know

Ever dreamt of exploring the charming Greek island of Mykonos? Before you pack your bags, one crucial aspect to consider is understanding the weather in Mykonos in May. It’s a fact that weather plays a significant role in shaping our travel experiences. A crystal clear sky can uplift your mood while an unexpected rainfall can dampen your plans.

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Mykonos Weather Overview In May

Set off on your Grecian adventure equipped with all the necessary knowledge about Mykonos Weather in May.

Average Conditions

May marks the beginning of summer in Mykonos, and the weather starts to warm up considerably. With the daily high temperatures increasing from a comfortable 69°F at the start of the month to a warm 77°F by its end, you’ll experience a delightful transition from spring to summer. The fraction of time spent overcast or mostly cloudy shrinks from 29% to 18%, giving you more clear skies to enjoy.

Sunshine and Rainfall

The Island of Winds, as Mykonos is often called, boasts an average sunlight duration of 11 hours per day in May. The sky remains clear, mostly clear, or partly cloudy for about 82% of daylight hours. This impeccable clarity makes for stunning views and picture-perfect moments.

What about rain showers? Well, they’re rare! The chance of encountering wet days gradually decreases throughout May, making way for more sun-soaked afternoons. Average monthly rainfall hovers around a minimal 0.3 inches.

With this understanding of the general weather patterns in Mykonos during May, let’s dive deeper into specific aspects like temperature range, precipitation levels, and daylight hours in the upcoming sections.

What to Expect: Temperature, Rainfall, and More

When you set foot on the sun-drenched shores of Mykonos in May, you step into a climate that gently oscillates between the warm embrace of summer and the last whispers of spring. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect from the weather:

Daily High and Low Temperatures

The Temperature in Mykonos in May presents a delightful range for travelers. Days typically see highs soaring to an agreeable 23°C (77°F), creating an ideal setting for those leisurely beach strolls or exploring the island’s labyrinthine streets. As night falls, temperatures gracefully dip to cooler lows averaging around 16°C (61°F), offering a refreshing counterpoint to the daytime warmth.

Chance of Rain and Monthly Precipitation Levels

Rainfall during this month is more of an occasional guest than a permanent resident. The chance of rain dwindles as May progresses, with an average monthly precipitation hovering around a mere 7.6mm (0.3 inches). So while it’s wise to pack a light rain jacket, it’s unlikely you’ll need to use it often.

Wind Speeds

A gentle breeze often caresses the island, with average wind speeds maintaining a comfortable presence. They rarely disrupt plans but are worth considering when venturing out on boat trips or engaging in water sports.

Cloud Cover Levels and Sunshine Hours

With cloud cover decreasing from 29% to a sparse 18%, Mykonos basks in sunshine approximately 82% of daylight hours. It’s this abundance of sunlight that casts a radiant glow on the island’s iconic whitewashed buildings and azure waters.

Length of the Daylight Hours

As May unfurls its days, visitors relish in the extended daylight hours — a luxurious stretch that grows by about 48 minutes from beginning to end. By month’s close, sunrise greets you at approximately 6:23 AM, while sunset extends your adventures until around 8:33 PM.

Influence of Weather on the Sea and Humidity Levels

The sea beckons with its inviting temperatures still warm from the preceding months. For those keen on taking a dip or diving into watersports, conditions are just shy of perfect. The same balmy weather also influences humidity levels which remain comfortably moderate throughout May; just enough to remind you of the island’s maritime embrace without overwhelming your senses.

Here’s how these elements come together:

  • Sunrise and Sunset Times: The days are long and generous, providing ample time for exploration and relaxation under the Grecian sun.
  • Sea Temperature: Expect sea temperatures that are conducive to swimming, hovering around an inviting 19°C (66°F).
  • Humidity: Ranges comfortably from moderate to mildly high, ensuring your seaside experience is without discomfort.

Armed with this information about temperature fluctuations, rainfall scarcity, gentle winds, reduced cloud coverage, and extended daylight hours—all set against the backdrop of warm seas and pleasant humidity—you can craft an itinerary in Mykonos that fully leverages May’s inviting climate.

Best Time for Outdoor Activities

When planning outdoor activities in Mykonos in May, embracing the island’s idyllic conditions is key to a memorable experience. With the warmth of the sun tenderly kissing the landscape, visitors are greeted with an invitation to explore the outdoors. The following points highlight why this period is particularly inviting:

1. Beaches Beckon

The Aegean Sea whispers a warm welcome as its temperatures become increasingly pleasant for swimming and lounging on the sand. The beaches, less crowded than in peak summer months, offer tranquil havens perfect for soaking up the sun or enjoying a quiet read.

2. Outdoor Attractions

Historical sites and picturesque villages are bathed in gentle light, creating ideal opportunities for photography enthusiasts and cultural explorers alike. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll through the narrow streets of Chora or an invigorating hike to ancient ruins, the climate is your ally.

3. Al Fresco Dining

Culinary delights can be savored under open skies as many tavernas and cafes offer outdoor seating. Enjoying local cuisine while basking in the mild evening air is a quintessential Mykonian experience.

4. Sunset Views

As daylight lingers longer into the evening, sunset seekers are rewarded with ample time to find the perfect spot. From seaside bars to secluded lookouts, capturing the horizon as it ignites with fiery hues becomes a daily spectacle not to be missed.

Embracing these optimal conditions for outdoor pursuits heightens one’s connection with Mykonos’s natural beauty and vibrant culture.


Embarking on a journey to Mykonos in May is to step into a world where the embrace of the sun is gentle, and the caress of the sea breeze is soothing. The climate details for Mykonos in May reveal a time of transformation, from the crisp coolness of spring to the warm heralding of summer. This period offers a delightful balance for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in the island’s enchanting landscapes without the peak season crowds.