Catching Some Rays: What’s The Weather In Crete In May?

Crete, one of Greece’s most popular destinations, boasts a climate that promises warmth and sunshine, especially during May. The weather in Crete in May often marks the transition from spring to summer, offering an alluring blend of comfortable temperatures, ample sunshine, and excellent sea conditions.

The temperature in Crete in May

Crete’s May weather typically exhibits average daytime temperatures rising to a pleasant 24ºC. Highs can slightly exceed this figure, while lows rarely fall below 15ºC, ensuring an overall comfortable climate.

“The weather in Crete in May is mild, making it an ideal time to explore the island without the intense heat of the peak summer months.”

Daytime and Nighttime Temperatures

During the day, the average maximum temperature can reach up to 25 C. As the sun sets, the temperature may drop, averaging around 16 C. It’s advisable to keep a light jacket or sweater handy for cooler evenings.

Sunshine and Rain in May

Probability of Sunshine

May is a sun-soaked month in Crete, with a 71% chance of having perfectly sunny days. The island basks in sunlight for approximately eight full hours each day, making it an excellent time for outdoor activities and exploration.


May marks the onset of Crete’s signature summer drought. The average rainfall for this month is a mere 5mm, with light rain occurring across an average of only three days. Thus, the chance of experiencing rainy days is remarkably low at 29%.

Sea Temperature in Crete in May

The weather in Crete in May also features rising sea temperatures. On average, the seawater temperature hovers around 19ºC to 20ºC. While this might be slightly cool for some, it’s nonetheless a comfortable temperature for swimming.

Wind Conditions in Crete in May

Crete experiences the Sirocco wind in May. This warm, dry wind originates from Africa and significantly raises the temperature, resulting in a dry climate. This effect is more pronounced on the southern side of Crete.

Recommended Accommodation in Crete in May

May is a great time to visit Crete, and there are numerous accommodation options available. Here are some recommendations.

Aegean Sky Hotel & Suites

The Aegean Sky Hotel & Suites in Malia caters to young tourists looking to enjoy the local nightlife. It offers clean accommodations and attractive rates.


Renieris, a charming hotel in the port of Chania, offers great value for money and a high-quality experience.

Giorgi’s Blue Apartments

For budget travelers, Giorgi’s Blue Apartments in Kalathas offers fully furnished apartments, ideal for self-catering holidays.

Beaches to Visit in Crete in May

Orthi Ammos Beach

Located south of Chania, Orthi Ammos beach is known for its sandy dunes and is naturist-friendly.

Frangokastello Beach

Frangokastello Beach, famous for its Venetian castle and stunning natural beauty, offers remarkable tourist services.

Dining Options in Crete

The Alchemist

The Alchemist serves a variety of dishes, from familiar to exotic, with a unique nouveau cuisine approach and traditional Cretan roots.

Mythos Restaurant

Mythos Restaurant is known for serving Greek, European, and local Cretan delicacies in a friendly environment.

Things to Do in Crete in May

Happy Train in Elounda

The Happy Train in Elounda offers scenic routes across Crete’s natural landscapes, making it a perfect family-friendly activity.

Nightlife in Malia and Hersonissos

For those interested in nightlife, Malia and Hersonissos offer fun-filled parties that last until morning.

Labour Day Celebrations

On May 1st, join the locals as they celebrate Labour Day with outdoor activities and traditional picnics.

Anniversary Of The Battle Of Crete

From May 20th to 24th, Crete celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Crete with outdoor parades and city-wide feasts.

In conclusion, Crete in May is ideal for those who prefer mild temperatures, abundant sunshine, and a myriad of outdoor activities. Plan your visit to Crete in May to experience the island’s natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture.